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Giving a Presentation

Save Our Mall!

The Charleston Town Center Mall, once the shopping destination of people all over the region started to fall on hard times in the past few years. Two of the main anchor stores, Macy’s and Sears closed their doors which had a devastating effect on the smaller businesses that were piggy-backing off the traffic generated by the larger chains. Eventually, many of the dependent shops and restaurants were also forced to pull out. 

    The mall owners declared bankruptcy in 2017 and it looked like the mall was on the verge of shutting down entirely. This would have had catastrophic results for the entire downtown as abandoned malls are not only eyesores, but drag down property values for the outlets still in business in the surrounding area.

    Because of this, I started the Virtual Coalition to Save Our Town Center Mall. I constructed a Facebook page to gather support and ideas from people around the community on what they would like to see done with the mall to generate the crowds of years past.

    The response was overwhelming. Suggestions came pouring in from shoppers who wanted nothing more than to see the mall returned to its former glory as the best shopping destination in the entire state.

    Fortunately, the mall was bought by the Hull Property Group out of Augusta, Georgia with the intention of restoring the site and making it a viable attraction once again. I presented the new owners with the submissions which were accepted with open arms. The people at Hull Property Group have started the transition of the mall into what they envision for the future of the venue. Any changes will take time to implement but it is comforting to know they have a stake in the future of the mall and of Charleston. I will continue to help in the process to do what it takes to save a property that was on the brink of extinction as I feel it is my responsibility as your public official to do whatever I can to promote business, bring and keep jobs and find ways to grow our local economy.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

As a pro-education delegate, I will continue to fight to keep our public school system from the ongoing attempts to destroy it.

    First, the opposition party caused teachers to go on strike in 2018 and again in 2019 over pay, health benefits and charter schools. Instead of working with education professionals they doubled down, passing legislation for more charter schools and adding the option of school vouchers. All of these policies take money from the public education fund and hand it directly to individuals to pay for private education. This is not what public schools should be about. If we are to repair our badly broken education system, we need to make sure we keep funding at acceptable levels. I am completely in favor of public education and against charter schools and vouchers. The reason is obvious: The best way to grow an economy is to make sure companies have access to a well-educated workforce. 

   There were also cuts to funding to our institutions of higher learning in the last session. With the University of Charleston, West Virginia State University and Bridge Valley all in or near the Charleston city limits, Marshall University an hour away and WVU three hours away, we should be making sure they have the funding necessary to attract students both in state and out of state and provide educated professionals for our workforce.

    I will push to make sure all of our graduating high school students have the chance to continue their education through a Vo-Tech or four year institution and get the training needed to make for a more attractive workforce.                           

    I am also 100% pro-teacher. We need to pay our teachers a competitive salary to keep them from moving out of state. We also need to fully fund PEIA as health insurance is the most important of all the benefits offered. I went through the public school system and feel that public education is a basic right and is also a necessity for the future well-being of the state.

Doctor with Files

My number one priority in the House is still to help our existing businesses and bring in new opportunities for employment and economic diversification. I am pro-business and realize that new industries that bring jobs and attract new residents are the only way to start pushing our economy forward.

    A thriving economy is the answer to most issues facing the region. I propose making a major push to attract businesses into the region by promoting our competitive advantages. We have a willing workforce that is ready to fill the needs of any employers looking for an area promising lower operating costs. We can also offer a great infrastructure with the Kanawha River and major highways that can access several large cities within a three to four hour range. This is a long term goal which I have already spent much of my time working to achieve. 

    We have to stop the exodus of people from the state which affects mostly our young people who are leaving to look for jobs that pay a liveable wage. We are losing 10,000 people a year which will hurt the state when it comes to tax revenue, congressional representation and federal government funding. The latest congressional redistricting took away another seat in the House of Representatives from our state, pushing us from a high of six down to only two. 

    My feeling is we need to look towards manufacturing, high tech, healthcare and other businesses that will bring in more people, especially those who are looking for an area to live with a low cost of living who are now able to work from their homes. These are the businesses that will reverse the trend of people leaving the state and make West Virginia a more viable and attractive place to live.

Much of the world, including our nation and great state was turned upside down by the outbreak of COVID-19.

    Fortunately, the lack of major population centers and world travel into the state has made fighting the virus much easier in West Virginia than in other regions.

    However, the virus is still present with the potential for more mutations which means we must band together to take the necessary precautions to make sure the pandemic comes to an end.

    My feeling as a scientist is that we must pay attention to the advice given by scientists and medical professionals which includes wearing masks when in public, getting vaccinated and practicing physical distancing. As your Delegate, I will promise to make sure the state government continues to do whatever is necessary to make this a safe environment for everyone.


Healthcare is another top priority for my campaign. Medical expenses are at a crisis level for the entire country, especially right here. West Virginia has the second highest healthcare costs per capita in the country. The state needs to use its clout to lower costs by enforcing healthcare price transparency. Prescription prices is one way the state can save money by negotiating with the pharmaceutical companies. Bringing down the cost of medications is one way to save our citizens billions of dollars a year. The extremely high cost of healthcare is forcing many to forego the preventative medicine that they need, and keeping others from having the disposable income that could instead be spent at local businesses to drive the economy. I will work to make it so every person in the state has access to affordable healthcare.


West Virginia roads have been consistently rated among the worst in the nation. We need to commit to regular maintenance of our highways for safety and for economic reasons. Poor road conditions cost car owners hundreds of dollars in repairs every year. They also discourage people and businesses from moving into the state. Fortunately, the Democrat-led Congress passed the Infrastructure Bill which promises to bring billions of dollars into the state that will help repair and pave our roads, as well as fixing our water systems and bridges, which have also fallen into disrepair over the years. This is truly an investment in West Virginia which I completely support.

Opioids & Homelessness

Drug abuse and homelessness have become major issues for the state. Both are tied to a poor economy. We need to put tighter controls on the distribution of opioids and other medications to make it more difficult for people using them for illegal purposes. The homeless population needs to be given shelter and proper nutrition. Providing mental health services to those in need and putting people in touch with family members will help take down the numbers. It is a proven fact that an uptick in the economy will help with both those issues. People who have the opportunity for steady employment tend to stay off the streets and stay away from drug abuse.

Workers' Rights

I have always been pro-worker and pro-union and have dedicated myself to improving the lives of the working families of West Virginia. I am proud to say I have belonged to two different unions in my career, and there is no question that as union membership has dwindled in the past two decades so has the idea of economic equality for the working class.

    Our own Governor Jim Justice has admitted that Right To Work and repealing the Prevailing Wage has not worked. Neither has added one job to the West Virginia economy. All they have done is taken away protection for workers and dropped wages for West Virginia workers while making it easier to give jobs to laborers from out of state. 

    I also believe it is imperative that workers be kept safe from termination by employers because of age, race, sex or religion. Everyone should have the right to be free from worry that they will lose their jobs because of issues beyond their control. I will be introducing legislation which gives those claiming illegal termination will have the right to a jury trial. I also am introducing legislation that does away with non-compete clauses that prevent free-market movement for workers.

    West Virginia has a long history of fighting for workers’ rights and I will honor those of our past by promising to continue the battle towards a better future.

Climate Change

As a career TV Meteorologist, I have been well aware of the effects of climate change across the world in the past several years. I feel the time has come to join the rest of the world in trying to address its effects on the environment and to push for more renewable energy sources. West Virginia has a huge abundance of natural gas to lead the way, and also has areas in the eastern mountains that are perfect for wind energy. Coal will always be a part of the West Virginia economy, but as the market continues to fall we must be prepared to move forward. I believe in renewable energy and the potential for industries like solar power to bring thousands of jobs to the region. I am also in favor of taking care of our coal miners as we have promised to provide health insurance and to retrain those wanting to move into other areas of employment.


I spent 13 years winning your trust as West Virginia’s most experienced and accurate TV meteorologist. I worked hard to keep you safe during bouts of dangerous weather like snowstorms, flooding, and even tornadoes. I am asking you to now trust me as I turn my attention from the weather to community leadership. My forecast calls for a brighter West Virginia, and I feel I have the life experience and knowledge to lead the way. I never steered you wrong while I was on the air, and I promise to only support measures that I feel are in the best interest of the people of West Virginia. I will be proud to carry the title of Delegate and I am asking for your support. My contact numbers are on this website and I urge you to call or email me if you have any questions. This state has been very good to me and now I want the chance to return the favor to all the people. Thank you.

Financial Responsibility

I promise to watch over your money in the state budget the same way I do with my own finances. I think fiscal responsibility is paramount to holding public office and my personal track record shows I have the ability to do it. I have paid off my house. I bought my car and my daughter’s with cash and have always lived well within my means.. I have virtually no debt and will bring the same habits to the table when putting together the state’s yearly budget.